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Maia’s Birth Week: Part 2


Iced coffee?  Check.

Sleeping adorable lil’ sis?  Check.

Sleeping equally adorable but much more energetic big brother?  Check!

Yes, I like a little coffee with my cream. Ridiculous, but I’m okay with it. 🙂

My view to the immediate right of my blogging station.  🙂

Alrighty.  Commence blogging.

Well, as you can imagine, opportunities for me to sit still and write have been few and far between lately.

I am very okay with that.  My life couldn’t be more blessed or full.  I am so incredibly thankful.

BUT, I have you dear, amazing people in the back of my mind all the time, knowing you’re waiting for the second installment in the “Maia’s Birth Week” series.

Welllllll, wonder no more!

Here goes:

When we left off at the end of Part 1, Stan and I were pulling into the hospital parking lot where our birth mom, “Amber,” had just been induced.  To say we were excited just sounds ridiculously understated.  More excited than possibly ever before in our entire lives?  That might be more accurate.

We tried to contain ourselves enough to at least outwardly appear dignified, and with racing hearts and minds, walked into the hospital.  Got someone to show us to the labor and delivery unit.  Introduced ourselves to a nurse, asked for “Amber’s” room, and answered the question in the nurse’s eyes: “We’re the adoptive parents.”

Immediate smiles and warm welcomes from a few of the nurses, including the head nurse of the L & D unit who was just amazing to us during our entire stay.

They showed us to Amber’s room.  We knocked and entered.  Hugs all around.  Amber’s mom and son were still at home, so we had a couple of hours to just catch up with Amber.  Her contractions were almost undetectable at this point, so we all enjoyed just hanging out.

I put a hand on Amber’s shoulder at one point and we prayed for her labor.  For protection for her body and Maia’s.  That the Holy Spirit would be tangibly present and that His peace would cover all of the hearts involved.

A couple hours later, Stan took our minivan and went to pick up Amber’s mom and her son, “Luke.”  Luke was relieved to see that his mama was okay.  We all sat and chatted.  And chatted.  And chatted s’more.  It was a really sweet time.

Lunch time rolled around and I ran out to grab Wendy’s for everyone.  And, um, totally backed my van into a red pole in the Wendy’s parking lot.  Not even a couple months after we’d gotten it repaired from having been rear-ended in North Carolina in April.


Pulled myself together and headed back to the hospital.  Stan went out to the parking lot to survey the damage, and came back in relieved that it wasn’t as bad as he’d imagined it might be.  Not upset with me in the least, which is just the way he rolls.  Stan’s amazing like that.

Amber told me later that she was surprised and impressed by the kindness and calmness of his response to my big oops.  It blessed her, I think.  The red pole incident actually may have been a God-thing.

(At least, that’s what I’m telling myself to help me feel better about the fact that it’s going to cost who knows how much to repair it.  Again.)

Okay, moving on.

Amber’s contractions grew more intense sometime mid-afternoon-ish.  Stan entertained (a.k.a. distracted) Luke by playing a bowling game with him on his phone while Amber worked through the pain.  She was a champ.

They called for an epidural eventually, and within 45 minutes or so, the pain was gone.  Amber was relieved, to say the least.

The nurses said she had the PERFECT epidural, because not only was she able to move her legs – she was actually able to get up and walk a bit, sit on the birthing ball, etc.  Pretty rare.

The day wore on.  More really sweet fellowship with Amber and fam.

At some point, we were introduced to the show Duck Dynasty.  As mostly-non-TV-watchers, we were actually impressed by the show.  Really funny, clean, and um, accurate.  Hilariously accurate, actually.  I don’t say this often (okay, EVER) about reality TV, but if you get a chance to watch it, do it.  🙂

If I remember correctly, by the time we were beginning to think about dinner, Amber was only dilated to a 3 or 4.  She was beginning to get a little discouraged, but she hung in there super well.

Shift change came around and we got a new nurse.  The nurse who would help deliver our girl.  Her name?  The same as mine.  Dana.  I asked what her middle name was.  LYN.  Lyn with one ‘n’.  Mine is Lynn – 2 ‘n’s.  CRAZY.  Amber took it as a sign from God, I think.  I might have too. 🙂

It was getting late.  Doc came in and checked, and Amber was FINALLY at 7 cm.  She was relieved.  So were we!

At the other Dana’s suggestion, we decided to lay down in our room (yes, they gave us our own room, right down the hall from Amber’s!) and try to get some rest.  Amber planned to try to rest a while as well.  Everyone thought it’d be a few more hours, at least, until she was ready to push.

It was about 10:30 pm when we took Luke to our room, made up the couch/bed thing for him, and turned out the lights.  Stan and Luke were both asleep within 5 minutes.

Not me.  I was definitely too wound up.

And THAT, my friends, is where this piece of the story will have to come to a close.  Baby girl’s waking up and needing my attention. 🙂

I’ll try not to go another 6 days before the next installment!

Love and mega blessings to you all!  Hope you’re enjoying your summer and finding rest in Jesus in the midst of it.

PS. Here’s the link to Part 3 of the series, in which Maia makes her grand entry!

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