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Investing in What Will Last [a Five Minute Friday]

Stayed up way too late tonight with a sweet crew of ladies – just to take 5 minutes to write, all together, on one word.  No over-thinking.  No editing.  Just guts.

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I posted this wacky pic earlier of my lil’ guy and me. [Please pardon the sleep-deprived-newborn-mom look.]

And a dear friend posted this response:

Which I just happened to come across right as I was contemplating this week’s word.


And it hit me: I so want the openheartedness of Isaac’s and my relationship to last.

Into the future.  Through the years.  Through homeschooling and maybe other-schooling and through friends and figuring out coolness and what it means to be a wild-hearted boy-turning-man in this crazy world.

I hope we always make goofy faces together.

I pray we always laugh together till our faces feel like they might fall off.

I read something recently to the effect of, “If you want your kids to want to spend time with you when they’re 20, invest in time with them now.”

In other words – if you want the openheartedness to last?  Invest.  And invest some more.

Focus in on him.   Build the block towers.  Fly the airplanes.  Cuddle.  Tickle.  Kiss.  Giggle.  Jump.  Dance crazy.

Invest in what will last.

I so pray I invest well.

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