• Dana L. Butler

Investing In Adoption

Hola, friends! I wanted to take a few minutes today to introduce you to 2 friends of mine who are also adopting kiddos. (In case you haven’t heard yet, Stan and I are in the process of adopting domestically.)

Kelsey Kautzi and I have gotten to know each other this year through a mutual friend.  We initially connected because Stan and I were at the very beginning of our adoption process and I was desperate to talk with folks who were a bit ahead of me on the fundraising journey…. Hence, enter Kelsey and her husband Eric.  These guys have not only been a great support to us through our journey up to this point; they’ve really become dear friends.  God has taken them on a bit of a wild ride thus far through their adoption process and they’ve recently come to the decision to adopt a special needs kiddo from China.  Kelsey and Eric love Jesus and love people and are doing an incredible job parenting already and I SO cannot wait to see them love on their sweet new kiddo in addition to their almost-3-year-old daughter Lila, who, incidentally, has become a super fun buddy for Isaac.  (Whew, sorry, long sentence!) They’re currently running an American Girl Doll fundraiser that they (and I) would love for you to be a part of. Thanks so much for reading about these sweet friends of mine. They are dear to my heart and I love that I get to invest in their adoption journeys even while my own is still in progress.  If you’re willing, would you prayerfully consider doing a little bit to help financially with these adoptions?  And if you’re not able to contribute financially, would you pray for these 2 families and their future kiddos? I believe adoption is so close to God’s heart, and every financial gift, and every prayer, is a way to partner with Him in His heart for the fatherless. Thank you so much for sharing in my heart, too, today.

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