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How He’s Trustworthy No Matter Where We Are Tonight {FMF}

Hey my friends,

I’m joining in this week with the crew writing live out East at #Allume!  So fun!

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K.  Here we go.  Today’s prompt is:


Today, they’re together.  So many of these ones I’ve come to admire and enjoy.  Whose hearts beat so similarly to mine.

I’m not there.  And it’s tempting to feel not a part of the togetherness.

But really?

We have a God who knits hearts across miles and forms bonds across boundary lines.  Right?

And if I’m right in the center of where He wants me to be–here, with my family, with my husband and son and my freshly adopted baby girl?  Am I not right in the middle of where He’s doing His work of forming Himself in me?

And all those who’re together in real life–aren’t they in the middle of where He wants them too?

So aren’t we together, y’all?  In Him?  Knit together, one, adopted together, sisters and friends and co-heirs to this inheritance of His heart and His Kingdom?  Together??

I refuse to feel like I’m sitting on the sidelines, sitting here in Kansas City tonight.  I choose to trust Him, that He’s not working any less in me, forming Himself any less in my deepest parts, because I’m here, not there.

He’s big like that.  He’s trustworthy like that.

So I’m genuinely thrilled for all of you who’re out East tonight.  Excited for what you’re experiencing–of each other, of Him.  SO excited to hear about it.

And I’m content here.  Trusting His working in me.

And really?  We’re together.

All of us.


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