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How Adoption Has Opened Our Family {in honor of national adoption month}

Today I’m honored to invite you to read my words over at my friend Kristin’s blog.

Kristin is a fellow adoptive mama.  She’s running a series in honor of National Adoption Month, and she asked me a few months ago if I’d contribute a post about open adoption–to which I wholeheartedly said, “YES!”

We have an unusually open relationship with our daughter Maia’s birth family, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to share with you a bit about what open adoption looks like for us.

Therefore, without further ado, I give you:

How Adoption Has Opened Our Family

{in honor of national adoption month}

It was the end of January, 2012.  My husband and I were taking the first, tentative steps of our domestic adoption journey.

The road stretched out before us, unpredictable.  Daunting.

We’d received enough prior education to know that adopted children who know something of their family of origin tend to be healthier emotionally.  More integrated.  So we knew we wanted some level of openness in our upcoming adoption.

In the Face of Big Unknowns

But our questions loomed huge.

How open should this relationship be?

What types of boundaries will we need to set?    

How will we navigate difficult dynamics over the years? 

Will having a birth family AND an adoptive family confuse our child? 

How will it affect our child if his/her birth family makes poor life choices? 

How will an open relationship with our child’s birth family change our family?

The unknowns were endless, an ever-compounding string of what if’s.


Annnnnd, this is the part where I invite you to click on over to sweet Kristin’s blog to finish reading our wild open adoption story! 🙂  Really, may God use it to encourage you and expand your ideas of what adoption can look like.

Love to you, my friends!

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