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How Adopting Is Like Falling (Five Minute Friday)

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Today’s Prompt: FALL

How Adopting Is Like Falling

Not too much of a stretch today to fit our current life season into this idea of falling.

All of it feels like falling: those first steps into our adoption agency office, the home study process, the year-and-a-half wait (from the time we started).  Those were just the first few inches of free fall.

Now our fall accelerates.  Being selected and matching with a birth mom.  Meeting her.  Having 1 month to prepare for our soon-to-be-daughter.

Spinning out of control now.  Spiraling.  My heart is falling.

Falling in love with this baby girl.  With her birth mom too.

But the scarier piece is that I’m falling into a thousand unknowns.  All these what if’‘s.

And I’m thankful today that all of the unforeseeable, God sees.

All the unpredictable, He holds.

The entirety of this journey, He directs.

And this crazy-wild-terrifying-exhilarating-joyous free fall?

He’s waiting for me at the bottom.  And not just waiting at the bottom, but, whether I can see or feel Him or not, He’s jumping tandem with me.  He’s got me wrapped in His arms.

I’m falling right next to His heart.

Which makes this crazy plummeting, this spiraling out of control, completely okay somehow.


Quick note: If you’ve stopped by from FMF, welcome!  And if you’re new here?  Double-welcome! 🙂  Happy to have ya!

If you click back through the last 5 or so posts on my blog, you’ll find more info on our recent adoption-related events.  In a nutshell though?  This is our first adoption, and we matched just over 3 weeks ago.  Baby girl(!!), due 6/16.  <–Father’s Day!

We are so beyond excited to meet our girl – Maia Sofia Grace. [This is the story behind her name.]

If you’re interested, we’d love to have you join us on our wild adoption ride!  Your prayers for our process and your presence here are so deeply valued.  Here are a few ways you can keep up with us during this crazy season.

Blessings to you today, friend!  Again, thanks so much for stopping by.

<3, Dana

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