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Giveaway Winner, and a Blessing for Your Weekend

Alllllllllllrightyyyyy…. Drum roll please….

Comments were counted and numbered in the order in which they were received… Annnnnd….

The random number………

The winning comment……..

Congratulations to Chrysti on winning the $20 Amazon.com gift card AND the Emily Freeman book of her choice!  Chrysti my cuz, I hope you enjoy them both!  So excited for you to discover Emily’s writing.  

To ALL of you… THANK YOU again for your support in helping me “come out of hiding.”  Really – your encouragement means so much.

Thank you.  Thank you. So…

Here’s some honesty for you all:

I don’t know where to go from here.

In terms of expanding my circle of influence for the purpose of getting this book published… honestly, I feel a little stuck.  I am so thankful for all of you who’ve joined this community in these last several days as I’ve come out of hiding.  Y’all have added to my supply of courage.  That’s no small gift.

But… definitely feeling a little uncertain of what direction to take in terms of expanding my reach.

That said… I’m okay with it.  Trusting the Father to lead me… and resting in Him.

Your suggestions of ideas are always welcome… and as always, requests of specific topics you’d like to see me address are welcome as well!  Here’s an example of a request made by my friend Lisa.  This is exactly the type of feedback I was hoping for:

(Pardon the formatting issues above please!)

Okay… The high is 70 degrees in Kansas City today and the park is calling to my son and me… Better get a move on!

This weekend… may you be reminded of the delight of your Father over you around every turn.  May you see His smile over you in the spring flowers and receive every good gift as evidence of His extravagant love… and may it be personal, intimate, hitting your heart in such a way that you’re surprised and undone by His heart toward you… like never before.

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