• Dana L. Butler

Gentle Reminders to Slow Down (Because All Of This Is About Relationship, Not Results)

Chocolate covers his face. And shirt.  Splotches of it on his arm and the counter space all around us.

He was bored this afternoon, so I invited him to help me – and I may have grumbled a little in my heart as I did.

Brownie-making is a slow, messy process when an almost-2-year-old is involved.

This thought hits my heart out of nowhere and I wonder-

How many things are slow and messy when I’m involved?

I stand back for a minute, close enough to catch him if he falls off the big chair he’s standing on, but far enough to let him really engage this big bowl of chocolate.

“Dirt!”  He says it with a smile, digging his spoon deeper into the triple dark chocolate brownie batter and trying to stir in response to my coaching.

Slowing down to tell them that their hearts are more precious to us than our goals and schedules?

I find myself repenting for my grumbling, and the Father is dropping all of this into my heart, all at once- these gentle reminders that wreck my heart all over again.

I remember that He invites me into partnership with Him when He could so much more easily just say the word and get it all done, all on His own, apart from me.

How it creates more “mess” for Him when He lets me work alongside Him but how it’s His joy, His delight, His burning desire just to have me right here next to Him through it all.  

Mess and all.

Just to respond, in love and surrender, to His pursuit of our hearts?

What love!  Love that slows down to connect with our hearts along the way.

Love that puts results and goals aside to focus on relationship.  Love that reveals and uncovers and shares these mysteries with us while allowing us to work with Him.

Love that speaks value and life and healing over our hearts as we journey together, us right here next to Him. Father, give us grace today, gentle reminders to slow down and notice Your pursuit of our hearts.  Your pursuit of real, living relationship with us, in the midst of this partnership with You.

May you see evidence of His nearness all around you today, dear friends.

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