• Dana L. Butler

For When Your Hope Feels Bent and Bruised

A bruised reed He will not break, and a faintly burning wick He will not quench.  He will faithfully bring forth justice.   -Isaiah 42:3-

When the storms have bent and bruised your hope…

Where your heart has bowed low, given in to the pounding weight of the deluge…

Friend, may you find courage to turn toward Him again as a flower to the sun.

May you know Him intimately as the lifter of your head, your heart, your hope.

May you have grace to trust, to let Him in, as He comes to tenderly straighten out your bent places.

May you experience Him as the faithful Bringer of Justice to your heart.

The Repairer of Hope.

The Rebuilder of Dreams.

The Restorer of Joy.

~ ~ ~

Asking Jesus to breathe new hope and courage into each of your hearts this weekend.

Be so blessed, friends, and so alive.

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Thanks for journeying here a bit today.  You are so very appreciated.

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