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Five Minute Friday: No Such Thing As Ordinary

Hola my friends!  Linking up again today with Lisa-Jo’s community for yet another FUN 5-Minute Friday!  I love these – it’s so interesting to see what comes out given very little time to THINK about what to write on a given topic.  No editing either.  You can join in the fun by clicking here. Do it!

And the word for today is….



Ordinary…  I was thinking earlier this morning about how today felt so very ordinary.  I think I actually, in my thoughts, used the word “mundane.”  But “ordinary” is even more accurate, I think.  I showed, prepped for the day, got my 2-and-a-half-year-old lil’ guy ready, and out the door we went on errands.  Not fun, exciting errands, either.  “Boring” ones.  Bought Isaac a new little toy car at Target and by the time we were walking out of the store he had gone from being excited about his new toy to bawling because he couldn’t have a huge toy jeep that he, unfortunately, happened to see on our way out.  Urgh.  Plan to keep overtired child happy and occupied? BACKFIRED. So on the drive home this familiar Holy Spirit whisper knocked on the door of my heart… again.  I hear this from Him SO often because I SO often need to be reminded!  “Dana, when you tune your heart in to my nearness, the mundane is no longer mundane.  I’m inviting you to experience Me NOW.” I said yes to Him.  Gone is the ordinary.  Enter: extraordinary.  Exciting.  Anticipation-filled wonder.  HE IS HERE.  His heart is to make Himself known to me. Viewing life through these lenses, there is no such thing as ordinary. Not any more. STOP. No editing, Dana.  No.  Don’t do it!  Don’t…. do…… it!! 😉

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