• Dana L. Butler

Five Minute Friday: Beloved [Let this word hold me firm]

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The Prompt:    Beloved

It’s what He whispers to me, into the depths of my heart, in those moments when my identity is shaken and I need to be reminded who I am. He shouts it over me, over the raging storm, loud enough that it drowns out the sounds of the wind and waves. He sings it over me in my sleep….sings songs of desire for me… of delight in the disposition of my heart before Him. Beloved. His dearly loved daughter. Delight of His heart. Father, this word, spoken over me straight out of your heart, let it define me.  Root and ground me.  Secure me.  Cover me.  Speak truth to my heart even when life’s circumstances try to shake me to the core.  This word, Beloved… Let it hold me firm… unshakable in You.

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