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Finding Home in Him {FMF}

Hey my friends!  It’s Friday and time for some unrestrained scribbling.  Five minutes on a one-word prompt.

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The prompt this week is:


The raw guts I pour out into my journals are finding their way more and more frequently onto my computer screen.  With tear-filled eyes and shaking hands I click the Publish button and my naked heart is suddenly available for the world to see.  For the world to have an opinion about.

I find myself desperate for someone to catch my heart as it free-falls off the cliff I just jumped from.  Someone affirm me; someone say “I get this — this is good.”


Yet when my heart aches for encouragement what I’m really longing for is my Home — the safety and seen-ness and belonging that are found only in His heart.

And He does bring sweet friends alongside me, encouraging me in my brave, understanding my heart and graciously allowing my words to penetrate theirs, and their words of life bring a sense of Home.

A sense of Him.

But my ultimate Home is in Him and if I’m looking to humans to fill my core need for safety and understanding and belonging, they will forever fall short and my heart will free-fall till it smashes open on the rocks below.

Father, You’re my Home and I choose to rest in Your heart.

Satisfy me.  Complete me.  Be the net that catches my free-falling heart over and over again.  Know me and see me through and through and You will be enough for my soul.

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