• Dana L. Butler

Exposing the Root of Jealousy

It happened all the time, almost daily.  At the mall, the grocery store, the zoo.  It was second nature, like breathing.

It was jealousy.  But I never would have called it that.  It wasn’t outright or obvious or boiling inside me.  It was much deeper, further beneath the surface.

The trigger?  Other moms who had more kids than I had.  Which, by the way, weren’t hard to spot, since I only have one.

Fertility has been a struggle for me.  I’ve had miscarriages.  A tubal pregnancy.  We even lost the 2 girls we parented when we tried to foster-to-adopt.  And our current private adoption-in-process?  We’ve been on this road for over a year.  No movement yet.

Lately God has asked me to allow my dreams of having a large family to die.  I’m learning to step back and take a look at the bigger picture of what God might want to do in my life….


My blogging friend Jamie graciously invited me to write this post [pre-match with our baby girl’s birth mama] for a series she’s running on her blog, starting today.  The series is called Out of the Dark, Into the Light, and we pray that you find each post in it anointed, insightful, and freeing.   I’m hereby inviting you to click on over to Jamie’s blog to finish reading my post, which is #1 in Jamie’s series.

Happy reading!

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