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Every Second: What I Need To Breathe In and Breathe Out {FMF}

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K.  Here we go.  Today’s prompt is:


It’s what I need–oh–more than anything else.  What I’ve already received through the cross, through the extravagant pouring out of life and blood and affection that is the goodness of the Gospel.

It’s what I desperately need to walk in the revelation of, to breathe it in and breathe it out, day in, day out.  Receive it from Him, and pour it out.

It’s what my heart tries to forget every morning on waking and what I have to rehearse to myself as I stumble blindly toward the shower, desperate for the one more hour of sleep that I know is impossible.

It’s my life, my survival, my fully alive.

His grace.  His heart extended to me.

His grace that says “boldly, confidently, freely, COME.”  His grace that empowers and pours life into my heart and is the reason I make it through today and wake up tomorrow still with breath in my lungs.

His grace that transforms my circumstances–turns hard into holy as I surrender and He forms Himself in my deepest parts.

Oh, may I surrender more to the One whose heart is Grace.

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