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Death Unto Life {FMF: Tree}

Hi my friends.  It’s Thursday night and I have stayed up too late but I couldn’t resist tonight’s word.  So here we go, yet again.

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K.  Here we go.  Tonight’s prompt is:


The autumn colors are my love language and God knows it.  I can’t stop taking pictures.

I watch, unable to tear my eyes away as day by day, the colors grow more brilliant, blazing with His glory.  And then, as if prompted by Someone unseen, trees begin to shed leaves and the ground becomes a carpet of color.

And then a carpet of brown.

I contemplate seasons.  How they change and change again and how not an ounce of it is within my control.  How I can’t live wide open enough and be in enough places at once to drink in all the color before it fades.   Before it falls.

In all that’s beyond my control, the changing of seasons, the moments of brilliant glory, the moments of falling and death, may I surrender.  May I open my clenched fists and let go of what I can’t hold onto and receive the beauty and glory, the falling and dying as gifts from Him.

As the means by which He wants to whisper love and form Himself inside me.

This isn’t death for death’s sake.  This death is unto life.

Know someone who'd appreciate this?

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