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Dear Nervous Friend {Five Minute Friday: True}

Hey my friends,

Wellllll, it’s almost Friday again!  FMF Prompt was released a WEEEE bit early tonight and caught me in the midst of putting away groceries from an evening store-run and a baby girl who decided she didn’t want to sleep.  Eesh.

But anyway.

If Five Minute Friday is new to you, here’s how we roll:

5 minutes. 1 word. No editing. Write your guts – however they come out.  Then encourage some other writers by reading and commenting.  Easy. 🙂

Join us here this week if you’d like.  You won’t regret it.

K.  Here we go.  The prompt this week is:


Dear Nervous Friend,

I want to know the real you.  Your true self.

The you God had in mind when He dreamed and planned and knit you together.

When you come over to hang with me, I want your nerves to be calm.

I want you free from thinking through what you should and shouldn’t say, free from trying to be who you think I expect you to be.  Free– so you can let me know the true you.

I want us to talk slow and sip coffee and not try to fill every ounce of silence with words.

Let’s just be. Together.

I just want you.

No pretense.  No masks.

Just reality.

I want to see you living fully alive, from the inside, out.  Spontaneous and creative and not inhibited by the fear of man’s opinions.

I want to know your heart.  And I want you to be at peace enough with your true self, that you’re free to really know mine.

So all your weakness and fear and shame and all the times you’ve been your true self and the real you hasn’t been accepted?

Let’s take that before Jesus together, k?  And let Him love you and embrace you in your weakest places and let Him bring healing.

Because who you are on the inside?  The deepest, truest YOU?  That’s when it’ll come out.

I’m longing to know that you.  

The real one.

So come sit in my living room and just be you.

And be loved.


K so I’ve had these thoughts rolling around in my head today and this is just what came out tonight.  I’d like to think this through in more detail and actually write a longer post about it at some point.  But y’all get the preview tonight. 🙂

Love to you, my friends.

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