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Day 5: In Which I {gulp} Share My Music with You

If I were going to write a 31 Days series, what would you want to hear about from me for a month straight?

Answers were many and varied, but one theme that repeated itself was my music. Friends asked to hear my music and/or read song lyrics. The idea of writing 31 days’ worth of new music (or even mixing new with previously written) felt overwhelming to me, but sharing my music with my readers and friends has been on my heart as of late.

So, upon pondering and praying, I decided part of my offering of authenticity to you during October would be songs — a new one each Sunday. The plan was (and still is, after we’re home) to record a very simple, raw, unedited video of a song I’ve written, and share it on my blog.

But since we’re out of town and I have no guitar or piano here at my folks’ house, what I’m sharing with you today isn’t quite that.

This is a song that my husband recorded a couple of months ago, unbeknownst to me, when he asked me to try out a new synth sound he had purchased. I sat down at the keys and spontaneously played my heart… and this was what came out that night. Stan has experimented with adding various ambience and effects, while I’m more of a purist. He also wrote the title, Reflections on a Windy Day.

But I’m offering this piece to you today, and on subsequent October Sundays I will take a deep breath to calm my racing heart (because HELLO, vulnerability), and share raw songs on video with you here.

So, without further ado, I invite you to click here to access my husband’s SoundCloud account, then just click the play button to the left of the song title.

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