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Day 30: That Song Y’all Prayed Me Through the Other Night {a guest post at Barbie’s plac

Happy (almost) Thursday, dear friends!

On this, the next-to-last day of my 31 Days, I am so excited (and I’ll confess: nervous!) to be sharing over in my sweet friend Barbie’s lovely space.

The original plan was for me to write a guest post for Barbie, but try as I might, I simply could not make the words flow. However, when I asked my friends for prayer, the immediate nudge from the Holy Spirit was, Hey girl, this burning in your bones tonight? This isn’t a blog post — it’s a song.

So with my sweet Facebook friends holding me before the Lord, I traded laptop for notebook and guitar… and out came the song I’m sharing via video today at Barbie’s place.

C’mon over and sit before Jesus with me for a few minutes? I’d be so blessed by your presence there, my friends.


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