• Dana L. Butler

Day 25: My Heart for You this Weekend

This weekend as you move toward situations that scare you, may you do it leaning into Christ who is your strength.

May He meet you tenderly, unexpectedly, and may you experience His holding you up, His steadying of your heart.

May He inhabit your weak places so fully that He flows out freely through them.

And may you stand captivated by the sweetness of His love.

P.S. Tomorrow is the last Sunday of October, and though I’m away at Allume as you’re reading this, I do have one more song ready to share with you tomorrow. Excited to offer to you this piece of who I am again. Thank you all for your receiving of my heart here. You are so loved.

This post is part of my 31 Days series, Rooted: 31 Days of Authenticity (from my life in limbo). You can find the entire series here.

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