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Day 20: In Which Community Is Rich {and an apology to my email subscribers}

This past weekend was one that lent itself to richer fellowship than Stan and I have experienced in awhile.

We sat over barbecue around our dining room table and caught up on friends’ lives and stories and prayed for one another.

I sat across a Panera table from a friend and we shared the deep places of our souls, of our heart’s journeys. I rambled. A lot… because this is the kind of friendship where the deep places and the not-quite-solidified-yet places are safe to come out and be known.

Then Stan and I sat over (more) coffee and pumpkin oatmeal chocolate chip cookies with still more dear friends and enjoyed our 2 kids and their little one. We talked around painful heart-lessons learned in this season and the airing of those things was medicine to our souls.

We took our kids to a pumpkin patch, and try as I might, I got not a single Christmas-card-worthy family photo. Ha. Thwarted by my kids’ kid-ness.

We had such a sweet time together though– until we got back in the car and experienced the Epic Meltdown of the Century, complete with both kids yelling and crying. But Stan and I were able to remain fairly lighthearted, so I s’pose that was a victory in and of itself.

Also? I read and responded to a number of comments on the new song I shared yesterday, which, if you missed (or if you’re an email reader and I once again neglected to provide you an easy link to view the video – please forgive me!), you can find here.

You guys and your support and encouragement of my art and my heart – you simply undo me.

All of this to say — I’ve not found much time to write this weekend, and this week as I prepare for Allume, my posts may be a bit on the shorter side.


By God’s grace, I will continue to show up here. Because I believe He’s in this. Because I value what He’s doing in my heart, the ways He’s stretching me and whispering inside me over these 31 days. And because I deeply appreciate y’all’s companionship here.

Many blessings on your Monday, my friends. So thankful for you all.

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