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Day 17: In Which I’m Requesting Your Prayers

Must… type… words.

Y’all, it’s official. Maybe.

I’m {possibly} running out of words.

Today’s the first day I’ve sat down to write a 31 Days post and instead of feeling inspired to write words, felt inspired to take a nap.

Or write a song. Not sure which.

Honestly, I’m tired. Vulnerability fatigued, perhaps. Word-wrangling fatigued. Soul-excavating fatigued.

I’ve loved the last 16 days because writing so consistently has kept me so very awake inside. Kept the eyes of my heart wide open for Him inside me and coming out through me and present all around me.

But pouring out my soul here day-in and day-out is a challenge, and yup, I’m finally feeling worn thin.

And yet my heart is full, because y’all have been so kind to me.

I share my music, and you celebrate my heart and my art. I confess my fear of my creative rivers running dry, and you encourage me, tell me you believe in me, remind me I’m not alone in this fear.

Solidarity. It’s a gift, and most days I’m not aware how much my soul needs it.


This morning, I clean up messes, dress littles, and herd us all out the door to Little Monkey Bizness. It’s medicine to this mama’s heart to see my kiddos play hard with other kids, and our time this morning does not disappoint.

Isaac hooks up with another little boy and a slightly older girl, and the three of them run around, climbing and sliding, giggling and pretending. In this season of less-than-normal amounts of community for us, the companionship is every bit as sweet to his heart as it is to my watching eyes.

We make the trek home, eat a quick lunch, and — sigh. Nap time is a thing of beauty.

I wash a few dishes, clean up a puddle (a result of Maia’s realization of the fact that she can now reach items on the dining room table), and sit down at my computer.

And as I think ahead to the next few days’ blog posts, it’s on my heart to ask y’all for your partnership in prayer.

Would you ask Jesus to lead me in which of my songs to share? In what heart words to continue to write in this space?

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing a quick, simple prayer for your weekend, like I did last Saturday. Then on Sunday I’ll share my next new song (via unedited iPhone video again, of course).

Also — final thought: In the second half of next week, I’ll be headed out east (via plane instead of car this time – thank you Jesus!) for Allume. I am so excited, y’all, because I will get to throw my arms around fellow creatives who’ve become dear to my heart, but whom I’ve not yet met in person.

I would love your prayer, too, that Jesus will keep my family and me healthy leading up to my trip, and that He’ll even now be setting up divinely orchestrated conversations with women I’ll meet there.

I don’t know what He has planned for my trip, but I trust that it’s good. If I can authentically connect at a heart level with several friends — either new or already-established friendships — I’ll consider Allume a win. It’s all I’m after.

I’m asking Jesus to allow me to whisper truth, identity, healing into the tender places of a handful of hearts. Asking that I’ll be fully present to those He puts before me, that I’ll continually have an ear out to what He might want to speak, how He might want to move in various conversations. That I’ll deeply see and hold space for stories and souls.

I would love your partnership in prayer around that, friends. And also that I’ll receive whatever He has for me during those few days.

Also {gulp}, I’m bringing my guitar. I’ve had several people request that I bring it, though I don’t know if/how there will be opportunities for me to play/sing. But there has been a request for a singalong. So… we’ll see what happens.

Okay. Annnnd this is the most randomly practical post I think I’ve ever shared in this space. But these are the things that are rolling around in my head and heart today, and here I am, laying them before you.


And now… moving into the living room to break out my notebook and pen and guitar.

Much love to you today, my precious friends. Thank you for the way you see me, desire me, believe in me.

This is Day 17 of a 31-day series. You can find the rest of the series here.

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