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Day 12: In Which I Sing for You {just breathe}

Okay, my friends. Here we are. It’s Sunday, and I’ve promised you me.

On camera.

Singing and playing one of my own songs.

Whew. Deep breaths, Dana.

This is completely unprecedented for me, as I’ve never shared my own music online before. But when I asked my Facebook friends for #31Days series ideas, one of the themes that repeated itself in people’s answers was that they wanted my music.

And truly, I have sensed all year long that the time was coming for me to share this part of who I am with you all here.

While Stan and I do have “professional” recording equipment and have taken some steps toward recording/producing some of my music, I’m finding that, for now anyway, I feel more comfortable sharing my songs by way of totally unedited, unprofessional iPhone video. Why this is, I’m not sure, other than perhaps just that I like the raw, unproduced feel of a video like this… and maybe that I feel like my true heart comes across more clearly this way.

So, despite the fact that guitar is not my first instrument — piano is — and I’m embarrassed by my limited guitar skillz… and despite the fact that I feel totally awkward on video (gah!) as I speak to you beforehand — I’m offering this to y’all and to the Lord today — and asking the Holy Spirit to breathe on my offering.

This song was written just several months ago, in a season when I was acutely in touch with one of my greatest weaknesses. Frustrated with my inability to “grow” or to make myself function differently in that particular arena, I sensed Jesus inviting me into a place of encounter with Him in those raw, hurting places — asking me to lay down my desire to try and “fix myself.” (2 Corinthians 12:8-10)

It’s in laying down my need to “have it all together” that I’ve experienced intimacy with Him, and that intimacy has brought healing to my heart (and subsequently growth in my weak places) from the inside out. Healing that flows *out of* depth of relationship with Him, versus out external compliance that comes from trying to force change in my own strength.

This song is titled Just Breathe. I’ll post the lyrics below.

My prayer is that this is a pleasing fragrance to His heart, and a blessing to you all who walk beside me here.

{You may need to crank your volume up — the joys of totally amateur iPhone video recording.}

Just Breathe

I was woven with threads of longing Carved with caverns of desire Drawn from oceans of endless need and Made to know you in my weakness, God


I’ve asked you to take my weakness But you’ve promised grace will be enough And deep cries out as you invite me in So I’ll take my tender places And press them deep into your heart And you will place your scars against my own And we’ll sit awhile here… and just breathe Yeah we’ll sit a while here–

Endless longing birthing beauty The fragrance of desire Aching to be satisfied To be embraced within your holy heart

(to chorus)


P.S. If you missed last Sunday’s instrumental piece, you can find it here.

P.P.S. Sharing this post with my sweet friends in Lisha and Kelli’s communities.


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