• Dana L. Butler

Day 11: A Blessing for Your Saturday {and what’s coming tomorrow}

May you find your heart stilled and your eyes open for Beauty in the midst of your right-now life… home… family… circumstance.

May you experience the tangible nearness and comfort of Jesus in your raw places.

May your awareness be heightened — of His movement inside you, of your heart as it’s shaped and formed and further conformed to His.

May you find yourself wooed by His tenderness into an ever-deepening surrender to His love.

{I have found myself wanting to use one of these days to simply pour out to the Lord a bit of my heart for you all. So these few words today are both my offering to you, and my prayer for you. May they mark your weekend, my friends.}

Final thought: Tomorrow, Day 12, I will be sharing a completely raw, unedited video of… yours truly. Singing a song I wrote. For the first time ever on this blog.

Holy cow — the vulnerability of this nearly takes my breath away, but I know that it’s time for me to share this piece of myself with you. I would love your presence here tomorrow.


This is Day 11 of a 31-Day series. You can find the rest of the series here.

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