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Coming Soon {i’m really excited about this}

Has it already been that long?

13 months, actually.  It was August of 2012 when I sensed God inviting me to stop shrinking back due to insecurity and fear of failure.

When I made the decision to take my blog up a notch or two- from just keeping people updated on our family, to writing what was really in my heart.

When I purchased my domain names and began to pray and think more intentionally about the mission and purpose of my blog.

When I began to write regularly and connect with others in the world of Christian blogging.

And what. a. ride. it has been.

Where I Never Thought I’d Go

The last year has taken me places I never thought I’d go.

I’ve learned to know myself like I didn’t previously.  I’ve learned to give expression to depths of my heart I’ve never been able to touch with words before.  I’ve connected with people I never would have known otherwise.  I’ve also learned some “blogosphere etiquette,” though I’m quite sure I still don’t have all of that figured out.

Oh.  And I’ve learned to write.

I mean, to write and not sound quite as much like an amateur as I did before.  Goodness gracious – I look back at some of my posts from a year ago and dang- I was such a babe in this whole writing craft.

Okay, I kind of still am.

And really – craft is a funny word to me.  Until recent months I’d never, ever viewed writing as my “craft.”

Music and worship?  Yes.  Songwriting?  Yes.  Even some painting?  Yes.

But not writing.

And I still wouldn’t by any means say I’m in love with writing itself.  BUT-

  1. I love the freedom with which I’m learning to express what’s inside me via writing.

  2. I love the way I learn to know myself and God more deeply when I write consistently.

  3. I love the way I’m learning to convey His heart to others and see them encounter Him in my writing.

  4. I love the way writing exercises my brain and heart, keeps me mentally and spiritually fresh.

Okay, so I guess you could say I really do love to write.


See?  I’m learning about myself even as I write about what I’ve learned.

Bottom line?  I definitely didn’t start out a year ago thinking of myself as a “writer.”

But- I’m doing it.  Growing in it.  And a big part of me’s coming alive in the process, so I’d better own up to it:

I’m a {serious} writer.

Okay.  Now that I’ve processed that stuff aloud for you all to read [thanks for listening!]:

What I’m Up To These Days

I’m in the process of writing a series of posts on the things I’ve learned in the year since I began “seriously” blogging.

About myself.  About God.

About writing- as a Christian, as a mom, as a child of God.

About the blogosphere, the way it operates, and the way I operate within it.

About my personal process of finding my voice as a writer.

I’m not sure exactly how this series will look, how it’ll play out- and I’m actually kind of intimidated to start because there are so many directions I could go with it.

But I’m diving in.

I hope you’ll join me, friends.  I’d love your feedback, your insights, your own revelations from your personal journey.

If you’re not a blogger, I hope you’ll hop on for the ride anyway.  Many (if not all) of the ideas I’ll discuss will apply across the board – to a broad spectrum of callings and passions- not just writing.

So.  I’m writing away out here in stinkin’-hot-lately-but-hopefully-turning-cooler-since-September’s-here Kansas City, MO.

I’m genuinely excited to hammer out these things for myself, and to share them with you.

In the meantime, be so blessed my friends.  As you write, as you mother, as you work, as you seek to discover Jesus’ heart in the circumstances He’s put before you.  In the right. now.

May you intimately encounter Him in your moments today.

I so appreciate each of you.

{Care to link through to Part 1 of this Series?  You can find it here: How the Gospel Changes our Experience of the Blogosphere}

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