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Coming Soon: Garage/Bake Sale

Hellooooooo dear friends!  

Hope this post finds you well and enjoying these first days of SPRING (which are starting to feel more like early summer)!!  This post is mostly directed to our KANSAS CITY AREA FRIENDS.  Everyone else, you’re welcome to read too! 🙂

If you’ve followed our blog at all, you know that God has already MIRACULOUSLY provided about HALF of what we foresee needing to complete our adoption!!  Check out our fundraising thermometers to the right to get a feel for our progress.  Sometimes I almost can’t wrap my mind around it…  He is so faithful and we have just been in awe of His provision.  We currently have just over 10 grand of the 20 GRAND (ish – possibly more) that we need to raise.

One of the things that we are planning to do to help us raise the rest of our funds is a Spring garage sale/bake sale!  Other adopting families have used garage sales to raise funds and have made up to $5,000 in a weekend in sales!  I love garage sales and haven’t done one in YEARS, so I’m super excited about this.  Our good friends Paul and Arden Czaszewicz have graciously offered to lend their garage to us for 2 days: FRIDAY MAY 4TH AND SATURDAY MAY 5TH for our garage sale.  They are located in South KC (near the International House of Prayer).

Sooooo…. If you’re interested in partnering with us a bit in raising funds for our adoption process….

Here’s how you can help:

1. Spring cleaning!  Go through your basements, closets, the backs of your kitchen cupboards, etc, and find items that you no longer need, that are reusable, and that you think might be worth a few bucks to someone.  Start a “Butler Garage Sale” pile. 🙂

2. If you have space in your basement or garage, volunteer to be a collection point for our garage sale stuff.  Since we don’t have a garage here at our place, we could use 2 or 3 locations where people are willing to just let the items being donated take up space in the next 6 weeks or so before the garage sale.

3. Volunteer to contribute homemade BAKED GOODS!  A batch or two of cookies, muffins, banana bread, etc…. The possibilities are endless.  We will sell baked goods during the garage sale.

4. Volunteer to help on Thursday, March 3rd as we round up everything from our collection points and transport to Paul and Arden’s house.  We will probably need a couple of pickup trucks to run a few loads.

5. Volunteer to help on one or both days of the sale: Friday May 4 and/or Saturday May 5th.  We will need approximately 10 people to help us set up (bright and early!) and coordinate various things on those days.

6. Volunteer to help us transport any items that aren’t purchased during the sale to Goodwill/Salvation Army.

OKAY!  If you’re still reading this post, THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME!  I know this is a lot, but I’m super excited to see a team come together to pull it off.  Stan and I are so thankful for you guys – for your friendship and support as we are on this journey toward adoption. 

We love y’all!

Here are some more ideas of items that could be donated for the sale:

-Baby/kid items!  Clothes and toys that are in decent shape, high chairs, bouncers, etc, etc.

-Kitchen items – extra pots, pans, appliances you don’t use, etc.

-Home decor items

-Furniture (call or email us if you have furniture you’d like to donate so we can figure out whether we can take it, how to transport it, etc.)

-Clothes:  Kid clothes especially, but adult clothes are great also if they’re in pretty good shape.

-“MAN” stuff:  tools, etc.

-Books, if you feel that they might sell.

-CD’s or DVD’s

-Yard furniture

-Sports/fitness equipment

Any other ideas, anyone??  

Know someone who'd appreciate this?

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