• Dana L. Butler

Brownies – part 2 – letting go of control

His hand resists when I first try to help him stir the batter. I respond with grace because oh, how well I understand how he feels.  And he cries when it’s time for him to completely take his hands off because the brownies have to go into the oven… out of his sight…. Again…. grace….I’m no different than he is.

What happens in my heart when I have to let go of control, to take my hands off and let Him completely take over the process?  How often do I forget to trust His heart toward me, His plans for me?  Forget that when this precious thing that we’ve been working on together leaves my hands and goes out of my sight, my Father is preparing better things in the secret places of His heart than I can even begin to imagine? And how much more will our Father who is in Heaven give good things to [me when I] ask Him? (See Matthew 7:7-11.) It’s His HEART… It’s His heart to give us good gifts…and all of it…His invitation into partnership and His asking us to give up control and all the beauty that comes out of it…All of it points us back to His fierce, loving, unrelenting pursuit of our hearts…of friendship…of communion.

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