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Before Motherhood: 6 Things I Wish I’d Been Told

Happy Mothers’ Day in advance to all you mom-friends!

This post is part of a Mothers’ Day series (over at the blog of a new friend) called Thanks to Motherhood.   Upon considering motherhood, all its ups and downs and the ways that God continually encounters and shapes my heart through it all, I wrote this list of 6 things I wish I’d known as I stepped into motherhood.

So, all of you, whether you’re already a mama, or waiting to be one, or not even sure if you ever want to be one, this is for you. I wish I had known…

1. That motherhood would bring me to the absolute end of myself. That sleepless nights and exhausting days and seemingly insurmountable obstacles would stretch me beyond the outermost rim of myself, of my capabilities, of my coping skills. And that that’s okay.

2. That motherhood would be the most fulfilling task I’d ever attempt – but only if I embraced each moment of it with a wide open heart. Only if I dove into RIGHT NOW, head first. Only if I chose to be present to my children, to my life, instead of wishing I was somewhere else, doing something else. That living present and engaged was what would make motherhood absolutely. awesome.


Today my writing is being hosted by Sarah, over at Girl Grows Up. You are hereby invited to click on over to Sarah’s place to read the other 4 things I wish I’d been told before becoming a mom. 🙂

Blessings, my friends!

PS. Be thou not confused – I am still “unplugged” over here! 🙂 I wrote this post in advance and have just stopped over here today to activate the link to Girl Grows Up.  See y’all in 2 weeks!

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