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Be An Extension of My Heart [Five Minute Friday – Belong]

Hiya Friends,

Jumping in with a quick interruption in my current series (still one part left to go!) on our beautiful in-the-process-of-being-adopted daughter’s birth week.

Maia, by the way, is a month old today!  Today as every day, we are so filled with joy and thanksgiving for her life and her place in our family.

And now…

Linking up today over at Lisa-Jo’s place for 5 Minute Friday.

Because with today’s prompt, how could I not?

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Today’s Word?




I’ve physically felt the weight of this word in my chest ever since I read the prompt sometime in the wee hours of this morning.

This word makes me think.  Of my heart’s deep aches, definitely.  But also of what I want to be.  A place of heart-safety for those God puts before me.

It is weighty, isn’t it?  This word?  Every single human being – it’s this core longing we all carry.  Even those of us who try to shake it off, scarred by the long un-met-ness of the desire.

Our efforts to develop a thick skin mostly fail.

And the times I most acutely feel the void, this sense of not belonging in places where I so deeply want to belong?

This invitation whispers with every aching beat of my heart:

Find it in ME.

When you need a place of utter safety, find it in Me.  

When you need a place to be fully heard, find it in Me.

When you need a place to be deeply seen, find it in Me.

When you need a place where you’ll be understood, validated, embraced?

Find it in My heart.

Christ offers it to me – true belonging like I can’t find anywhere else.

When I find it in Him, there are no gaps.  No holes.  No deficits.  Not any more.  He fills every one of them, down to my very core.

I’m a daughter.  Dearly beloved.  I belong.  To Him.  In Him.

And even while I’m still on the road to fully owning my Blood-bought status of belonging in Him, His challenge is this:

Now, be a place of belonging for others.  

Open your front door.  Your eyes.  Your ears.  Your arms.  Your heart.



Listen more than you talk.

Seek to understand rather than to be understood.

Be that for which your own heart has ached and searched.

Be to them an extension of My heart.

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