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At Home Within Yourself

From January 30, 2021

Hey, my sweet friends. In the vein of willingly inhabiting the space within our limits (see my post from yesterday if ya like), this is my prayer for you this weekend:

May you attend to your nuances and

needs with tender care.

May you trust God's hands and


that the way you've been woven--

with your exact strengths and

your exact fragilities--

is the precise way you'll be set

most free to be alive.

This weekend, I hope you light your

favorite candle, just for you.

I hope you sit and stare into the

flame awhile.

I hope you still yourself and

absorb the lyrics and melody of a

favorite song.

May you take an extra nap,

then wrap up warm and go for a

long walk.

I hope you wear your most comfy

sweats, journal your heart out with

your favorite pen,

then wear those sweats to the store

and spend four or five bucks on

flowers for yourself.

I hope you relish a child's laugh,

or a dog's playful pounce,

or the scent of a nourishing meal

simmering on your stove.

May you have a long conversation

with someone who makes your

heart feel more known.

And I pray you grasp even just a

glimmer of your Maker's delight in

you, as you are settling deeper

into home within your strong,

fragile, nuanced self.

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