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An Update on our Meeting with Birth Mom [A.K.A. 5 Minute Friday: View]

Committing the same cardinal blogging sin today as yesterday to update you on our meeting with our birth mom last night.

Also, linking up over at Lisa-Jo’s today.  I like today’s prompt: View.  So, since I’m short on time today anyway I thought I’d try to wrap my update in this word and deliver it to ya in 5 minutes flat. 🙂

5 Minutes. No editing (well, almost none).




I hear her voice on the phone as I walk out into the parking lot of our hotel.  She gets out of her car, and my eyes are drawn to her belly.  Her womb that is carrying our future baby girl.

I hug her, ask how her drive was.  She came an hour and 15 minutes to meet us.  15 minutes beyond doctor’s orders.

We walk inside, talk for a minute about where to sit, and settle at a table in the empty hotel dining area.

Our agency connection isn’t there yet, so we let her lead the conversation.  She shares why she’s chosen adoption for her baby.  How she wants better for her baby than she knows she’s able to give.  How we are the mom and dad and how she doesn’t want to step on our toes or interfere in our parenting.  How she just wants her daughter to know how much she loves her through the years.

Oh how we are on board with that.  SO. on. board.

She shares how many of her friends have 5 kids from 3 different dads and are sitting at home, living off the system because they can’t afford to put their kids in daycare in order to get a job.  She wants more for her life than that.  More for her older son.

She shares her fears that her friends will see her as a failure because she’s choosing to give her baby a different life.  A life she sees as better.  She shares how she struggles with her view of herself.  Is this really failure?

But my view?  And God’s?  We see courage beyond belief.  Humility.  Wisdom.  Strength.  Selfless love that’s deeper than words.

And God’s view – isn’t it what counts anyway?


Okay… that was 6 minutes.

I honestly had a hard time stopping.

To finish out my update, I’ll just say that our time together went better than I could possibly have imagined it would.  She is profoundly confident that we’re the right family for her baby girl.  God has given her so many signs, she says.

I believe her.  We are so excited.

We talked baby girl names.  The name she’d chosen when she thought she might find a way to parent this baby?  It’s beautiful.  We’ve chosen to give our girl 2 middle names and use her birth mom’s name for her as one of them.  I love the way her name flows together.

I’ll share the name and the heart behind it next week, I think.  Along with ultrasound pictures. 😀

This coming Monday we’re going to drive out to where birth mom lives.  We’ll have Isaac with us.  Looks like we’ll get to meet her precious son and possibly her mom.  We’ll get to be present for her sonogram on Tuesday morning.  Hear the heartbeat and see our girl dance, hopefully. 🙂 I’m so excited to see her.

Anyway, that’s the update.  To all of you, thank you SO MUCH for your prayers, and I know I keep saying this, but thanks for being excited with us.  Y’all are a precious part of this journey.

PS.  When Stan and I got home today I took the tags off all our baby girl clothes that we’ve bought/received for our girl.  They’re in the wash now.  With baby detergent.  This makes me smile.  A lot.



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