• Dana L. Butler

Adoption Prayer Request…and Our First Snow!

Dear Friends,

A couple of weeks ago I had asked for prayer regarding a birth mom who was going to view our profile.  She ended up sick in the hospital and was unable to view profiles…and her appointment to do so was eventually rescheduled to today at 1pm.  SO… with this crazy weather we’re having here in the Midwest, who knows if she’ll make it in to the office today to view profiles or not… BUT, I wanted to ask you all to be praying for her, just in case she does make it in.  If she were to choose our family, we would have a baby next month.  (WOAH?!)  We would be so crazy excited!! 🙂

Please pray for God’s wisdom for her as she selects a family for her baby.  Ask for God’s comfort for her heart also… I can only imagine how painful, this decision that’s before her.

Please pray for us, also… that God will hold our hearts today, give us peace in the waiting, and that if she does not choose us, we will be steadfast in our trust in His plan for our family.  Stan and I are super peaceful this morning.  I believe we both are deeply trusting God with this situation and with the future expanding of our family.

Thank you so much, my friends.  Both those of you who are “real life” friends, and those friends who I’ve met via this blog… you are each more of a blessing to us than I can say.

(Click here for a post that does a great job expressing the current position of my heart in regards to our adoption…the journey of my heart in these moments of praying and longing and waiting.)

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