• Dana L. Butler

Abide. Abide. Abide. Repeat.

Tonight we WERE going to announce our first fundraiser, which was to be launched tomorrow morning.  Ran into one major hiccup this morning: Found out that in the state of Missouri, “giveaways” (have I told you we were going to run a giveaway?  It was going to be super cool and fun…) are not legal unless they’re run through a non-profit or a religious organization.  So in our case, even though our funds would be going toward adoption expenses, and even though we’re adopting thru a non-profit Christian agency, it’s not legal because the funds would land initially with us.


So while we wait on one potential solution to this problem, we sit back, take a deep breath, and remember that God is in control.  His heart is for adoption, and He is more than capable of pulling this off in His time.  Trying to press in, to keep my heart in a place of faith and trust…reminding myself of the truth that God is BIG and GOOD and He is our Provider…and nothing is too hard for Him.

One of those days, though, that adoption and our new baby feel far away and almost unattainable…

Like I’ve said before, I know that this process will be a roller coaster…. This is “Abiding in the Lord: 101.”  🙂

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