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A Visual Song

From Dec. 13, 2020


Oh y’all. I’ve been making some super vulnerable, out of the box (for me) art lately as part of this #apertureoftheheart course with @joyprouty... and eh, not sharing any of it publicly. I’m gonna try to get a little braver.


Joy had us make these visual anthems. What do we need to visually “sing” over ourselves? I almost felt like I was cheating, making this, because I had a couple of really beautiful, rich mags on hand. But. Here it is.


Pic of me from right after I’d first started moving from brown to platinum. It was a super brave day. A “becoming” moment. A stepping out from under fear of people’s opinions.


The super run-on blurb on the left is my work on breaking free from shame.


The stillness and “stop the busy” — it’s where God’s been moving me for the last few months: slow. down.


Everything else might be self-explanatory. ♥️

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