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A Soft Heart and Grace-Filled Words [GROW in His Word: Eph. 4:29]

Hey my friends!

We interrupt your regularly scheduled What I’ve Learned in 1 Year of {serious} Blogging series to link up again with new friends VanessaKelsey, Faith, and Melissa (and others!) for GROW in His Word– a link-up in which we use the GROW acronym you’ll see below to discover the heart of God in His Word together.

But first…

A Quick Note About My Blogging Schedule

About that “1 Year of Blogging” series:  It is taking a LOT out of me to write it.  Y’all, I’m so caught off guard by how I’m having to wrestle through every single post in the series.  How I’m digging deeper than I’ve ever dug before to try and wrap words around what the Lord’s done in my heart through this last year of writing.

So– as unexpected as this is, I’m finding that I’m only able to pull off one installment in the series per week for the most part.

I’m enjoying these “GROW in His Word” posts because they require a little less of me– I can read the scripture for the week, spend time before the Lord over it, and write the impressions He gives.  Easy-ish.  Life-giving.  Not too time-consuming.  And of course, Five Minute Fridays are always on my schedule.

So it looks like, for the time being, my blogging schedule is shaping up something like this:

Tuesdays: GROW in His Word

Wednesdays: My weekly “What I’ve Learned in 1 Year of {serious} Blogging” installment

Thursday late night/Fridays: Five Minute Friday post

I’m finding weekends are crammed (in a good way) with family and work and friends and intentional rest and very little opportunity to write, so I’m kind of relaxing into that and trying not to push myself too hard.  I want all I do to be out of a place of rest and not striving or pushing to force something to happen.

So– there ya have it.  My thoughts on my writing life as of late. 🙂 Now, watch all of that scheduling business totally shift since I’ve actually written it out. 🙂 Ha.

Anyway, and now for…

GROW in His Word: Ephesians 4:29

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Holy Spirit, I want to encounter the heart of the Father in the Word today.  Lead me.  Open the eyes of my heart.  Bring your Word to life inside me today, God.


Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear. -Eph. 4:29


It is big in God’s heart that we would be encouragers of one another.  No corrupt speech.  Only building up.  Giving grace to the hearer.  This verse reminds me of Luke 6:45 – “…out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks.”


I read this passage and it stirs me up inside.  This is one of my greatest passions: keeping a guard over my mouth, stewarding well the hearts of those around me by making sure that my speech is life- and grace-filled.

I fail at it, though.  I snap at my son.  I’m short with my husband.  Hints of sarcasm slip out from the insecure places of my heart while in conversations with friends.

And every time, the conviction of the Holy Spirit is quick and sweet.

This is the prayer of my heart as I read this verse today:

Oh Father, give me a tender heart toward Your Spirit.  I so don’t want to grieve Your heart by my speech.

When I fail to speak grace, continue to be quick to prick my heart.

That tiny nudge inside me when the slightest bit of corrupting speech has just flown from my lips– Oh God, may I pay attention to it.  Not brush over it.  Not ignore Your conviction for the sake of convenience or the desire to be right.  

Give me the gift of humility, Lord.  I want to be tender toward You, to continually be refined by You at the heart-level, since it’s out of the overflow of my heart that my mouth speaks.

So keep purifying my heart, God, and may my speech follow suit.

May I see others by Your Spirit and speak encouragement and life to their hearts.  May I call out the things You’ve put inside them.  May I give voice to Your perspective, to Your heart over them.  May I speak identity and purpose and the goodness of the Gospel.

May my speech line up with Your heart.  May it build up.  May it extend grace.  To my closest people.  Even in my stretched-thinner-than-thin moments.

As I freely receive your moment-by-moment grace for me, may my words give grace to those who hear.

Be glorified in my words today Father, but first in my heart.

I so love You Lord.


A Blessing for You, My Friends

Wherever you find yourself today, may your heart be attuned to God’s nearness.  May His presence to you be tangible, and His pursuing affection sweet to your soul.  May you receive cooling temperatures and candle-lit mornings and mugs of hot tea and quiet conversations as love-gifts from His heart to yours.

And may you know, down to your very core, that you are exuberantly enjoyed by your Father.

PS. Reading via email and want to hop over to the blog to comment?  C’mon over, friend.

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