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A Quick Note on Tali

Hi friends, I wanted to clear up any confusion that may be hanging around regarding our situation with our Tali-bug.  For those who may not know, she was our baby girl that we fostered from birth until she was almost 2.  At that point we lost her to her birth mom and it has been a really tough situation for her.  We have stayed in touch with her family and been a support to her mom as much as we could be, but have also been very concerned about various family dynamics in their home.  Her mother is doing as well as she can given her history and her circumstances….but it is very difficult for her, and therefore, difficult for Tali.

Anyway, back in Dec (I think it was December), I ended up having a very upfront conversation with Tali’s mother, letting her know (as gently and lovingly as possible) that we were concerned about her coping skills and her ability to parent Tali, and that if she ever felt like it was too much for her to handle or like it would be in Tali’s best interest, that we would be willing to adopt her, maintain her relationship with her birth mom, have visits with her, etc…. but that we were willing to take 100% responsibility for her financially and in every other way…if she ever felt that it would be best for Tali.  She responded SUPER well to everything I said, was very vulnerable and openhearted with me, and while she hasn’t come to a decision at this point that she would like us to adopt Tali, she has made it clear a couple of times that she appreciates knowing she has that option.

In our current adoption process, there have been a few people who expressed confusion, thinking maybe we were getting to adopt our Bug… and though we would LOVE for that to be the case, we also are excited about the opportunity to an infant privately (assuming the Lord brings in the finances to do so! 🙂 ). If the opportunity to adopt Tali were to arise anytime in the near future, we would of course put the brakes on this private adoption process and adopt her and wait to adopt another child.  But as we feel that this is God’s timing for us to move toward private adoption of an infant, we are trusting Him with Tali and moving forward with this.

We do still keep Tail usually one night, overnight, per week, and see her family a couple of other times during the week as we do various things to support her mom (i.e. errands, rides, etc.).

Anyway… I hope things clears things up for some of you…. Please let me know if you have other questions! 🙂

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