• Dana L. Butler

A New Season

Anyway…. I have felt inspired to blog again lately for several reasons…. possibly mainly because I actually feel like I can handle (and ENJOY!) my life again these days, so I have time and mental energy to put into more intentionally sharing our lives again. I wanted to start fresh with a new blog, new title, etc., because I feel like the Lord has brought us through some fairly difficult times (between the loss of Tali and all of Isaac’s difficulties) and out into a spacious place again, where we don’t have to fight quite so hard to maintain perspective. When God made it clear to us that we were to name our baby “Isaac,” I felt strongly that his name (laughter) spoke of the season that God was wanting to bring us into, after all of the intensity and grief around our situation with Tali. I didn’t know at the time that I would have to hold onto that word from the Lord by faith for so many months after his birth. But I am so glad that we have held onto it….God is bringing us into a season of FELT, EXPERIENTIAL joy….fun….LAUGHTER. Hence, the title of our new blog: “A Time To Laugh” (Eccl. 3:4).

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