• Dana L. Butler

A Christmas Blessing [May You Know His Nearness and Sense His Pursuit of Your Heart]

The presents surround the tree.  Our woodwork is wound with greenery and ribbon and twinkling with sparkly lights.  It’s 11 pm on Christmas Eve and my husband and I sit in our living room with only the tree and the twinkling greenery for light.  Instrumental Christmas music plays in the background. Our son sleeps – having just turned 2 in September, he’s still young enough that we don’t think he’ll be jumping on our bed at 5 am wanting to open gifts.  Next year… maybe. 🙂

We reflect on the past year.  The highs and lows.  The wins.  The losses.  [Oh, how 2012 has brought both… incredible victories and heart-wrenching losses too.]  And we reflect on God’s faithfulness through it all.  How he’s sustained.  Provided.  Kept our hearts close to His. I reflect on His continual pursuit of our hearts woven throughout it all.  His obvious hand of kindness, how it’s been all. over. our. lives. He is good.  He gives and takes away… and He’s worthy of our trust.   And He’s after our hearts in it all.

My dear friends…this Christmas, may you sense in a deeper way than ever before your Father’s tangible nearness and His intimate, tender, unrelenting pursuit of your heart. May you see it woven throughout history, in the prophecies of Christ’s coming, in the new-born Babe in the manger, in the spotless Lamb of God who was crucified and rose again to conquer death…to pursue intimate relationship with us… to win our hearts.  Mine.  And yours.

May you deeply know how He has valued you, how He longs for intimate friendship with you.  Everything about Christmas is evidence of His extravagant pursuit. May you… may we… have tender hearts this Christmas, responsive to His tender, pursuing love.

Merry Christmas, dear friends!

Whether you’re a “real-life” friend, or one that I’ve met through this blog… I love having you in my life.  Be so blessed this Christmas.

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