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Researching and Writing


Hi there, writing friend!


Writing is a complex process, and one of the steps that excites me most is editing. Editing is where a piece is honed, where a writer’s voice and heart are distilled so his or her core message is released with precision and power.


It’s always important to have another set of eyes on your writing before it hits the presses, whether the piece is marketing-related, an article for an online or paper mag, copy for a website, or a book. When searching for an editor, you want to find one who can intuitively feel your heart and resonate with the message you’re looking to communicate.


I can partner with you at a number of different levels, depending on your personal needs. Drop me a line if ya like, and let’s get chatting about your project. I’m happy to answer any questions you have and to provide a free sample of my work (I’ll edit a few pages of your writing at no charge to give you a feel for my style). Then we’ll talk about exactly what type of editorial help you’re looking for and work out a rate that works for both of us.


Contact me via the form below if you're interested. Can't wait to connect with you. Happy writing!

Need some solid guidance on your non-fiction project?

Are you a beginning writer? Are you an experienced writer who'd just like some coaching or fine tuning, another set of eyes on your work and a different perspective? Writing coaching may be a good choice for you. Whether it's just a couple of meetings to give you traction in the early stages of your project, some input into another stage of your work, or a trusted voice to give you feedback periodically all the way through, I'm here to help you feel confident you're creating your personal best work.

As a non-fiction writing coach with an editing skillset, I can ask questions to help you determine direction, help you organize and connect your thoughts, help you learn to write more powerfully, and give you guidance on self-editing techniques.

I invite you to connect with me via the form below if you're interested. I'm happy to answer any questions you have.

Thanks for reaching out to me! I'll be in touch as soon as possible.

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