Here's a little about me.

Hiya, friend! So glad you've stopped by. There are other pages here to share with you what I do, but this is where I get to tell you who I am, and a bit about my people. This is also the part where I say: please pardon the crazy differences in my hair from pic to pic here -- I recently re-did it so it's closer to my natural color, which is dark brown, and haven't gotten new family pictures done yet. (Insert shrugging emoji.)

My Fam

I am happy wife to my web-developing husband Stan, and I'm a special needs mom. I homeschool my children (ages 7 and 10), both of whom have multiple developmental needs and challenges. Special needs parenting has been the most challenging, painful, beautiful, and fulfilling journey of my entire life. It's also one of the places Jesus meets me most consistently and deeply.

In late summer of 2020, we moved our family from our precious home and support system in Colorado, to be near my parents in North Carolina, where I grew up. With Covid still impacting everything about day-to-day life, it's been difficult to feel fully settled and home here, but we trust that day will come soon. Meanwhile, we are grateful to be near my parents and the kids' grandparents! We are all super quarantined so have gratefully enjoyed our little "bubble" of life together.

Hobbies and Passions

I've served as a part time worship pastor in the past, but over the last several years, my kids' needs have required my time and focus at a level that's necessitated my no longer filling that type of role. I do still lead worship for occasional retreats and other miscellaneous events, and have done so for online events since Covid began.


Since we moved to NC, I have found great joy in grabbing on iPhone on occasion and dashing out by myself to take pictures near where we live. We are in quite a rural area (though not far from several cities), so we are surrounded by old farms with plenty of ancient tobacco barns, abandoned homes from the 1800's, and a lot of cow pastures with epic sunsets if you hit 'em at the right time of day. Photography has become such a source of life to me.

As has poetry, which I honestly didn't expect. I could read it and {attempt to} write it for weeks on end. It moves my heart and breathes life into my spirit. 

On my Instagram, you can find me sharing my photography and words regularly. I love my people there. My tribe.


I have recently announced to my friends, my longtime newsletter recipients, and my social media following that I've begun work on a book. Still feels incredibly surreal, saying that out loud.


Most authors wait to publicly announce book plans until they've secured an agent or publisher, but I'm inviting my friends and followers to participate in this journey with me from the get-go. Wanna jump in? There are a couple ways you can do that:

Hop over here to this page and subscribe to the #createintheopen newsletter.

Then, head to my Instagram and follow, and turn on notifications there so you'll see my posts. Also, follow the #createintheopen hashtag so you don't miss it when folks share pieces of their creative process!

AND: Feel free to hang around and watch, OR, start making and sharing! Just use the hashtag if ya don't mind, so we can find you!

More details on the book and such coming soon. Gah! So nervous-excited!

I'd Love to Serve You

The other pages here contain info on ways I'd love to serve you and/or your church community, women's group, etc. I love Jesus, am so grateful for His relentless companionship and pursuit of my heart in every season of my life, and my life's purpose is to help others uncover His personal invitations into intimate companionship with Himself in the midst of their lives. Public speaking ignites my heart, and I still love leading worship and gently coaching people into communion with Jesus in that way. Feel free to explore this site and find out more. 

Need to reach me?