Here's a little about me.

Hi, friend! So glad you've stopped by. There are other pages here to share with you what I do, but this is where I get to tell you who I am, and a bit about my people.

My Fam

I am happy wife to my web-developing husband Stan, and I'm a special needs mom. I homeschool my sweet boy Isaac (age 9), who has High Functioning Autism and PDA, accompanied by multiple other diagnoses. My beautiful Maia-girl (almost 7) thrives at one of our neighborhood elementary schools, where they do a great job of supporting her multiple special needs. Special needs parenting has been the most challenging, fulfilling journey of my entire life. It's also one of the places Jesus meets me most consistently and deeply.

Hobbies and Passions

I've served as a part time worship pastor in the past, but over the last couple of years, my kids' needs have required my time and focus at a level that's necessitated my moving out of that role. I do still lead worship for occasional retreats and other miscellaneous events.


In my spare time, I find life in helping out on my church’s worship team, leading worship on intermittent Sundays, and co-leading a small group of beautiful ladies there. I also host a monthly writers' group in my home, connected with Writers on the Rock. They are a precious source of creative companionship to me, along with Hope*Writers, a rich online writing community birthed by Emily P. Freeman and others.

Open Adoption

Our daughter Maia is adopted, and we have the sweetest open relationship with her birth family. We spend a long weekend with her birth fam two to three times a year--they're like extended family to us. I love chatting about open adoption and the dynamics surrounding it, so feel free to ask me questions.

Need to get a hold of me?

I'd Love to Serve You

The other pages here contain info on ways I'd love to serve you and/or your church community, women's group, etc. I love Jesus, am so grateful for His relentless companionship and pursuit of my heart in every season of my life, and my life's purpose is to help others uncover His personal invitations into intimate companionship with Himself in the midst of their lives. I am doing more public speaking lately and finding that it just ignites my heart. And I still love leading worship and coaching people into communion with Jesus in that way. 

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